Renting An Inherited Home

Posted by Jimmy Metz // May 4, 2017 // Probate

Renting an Inherited Home

Some Of The Pros And Cons Of Renting An Inherited Home Although it may have never been a part of the plans, very often one might start to think about becoming a landlord when they suddenly find themselves inheriting a home. After all, without you losing the home entirely, you have a new way to […]

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How Probate Works In New Mexico

Posted by Jimmy Metz // April 21, 2017 // Probate

Probate New Mexico

When a person dies, their estate is officially settled with court supervision through the process of probate. If the individual died without a will, someone, normally an adult child or surviving spouse, is appointed as the personal representative. When there is a will, it usually names the personal representative. Another name for the personal representative […]

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The Easy Guide To Selling An Inherited Home

Posted by Jimmy Metz // April 14, 2017 // Probate

Selling Inherited Homes

Inheriting a home gives friends and family members something to remember their relatives who passed away with. However, sometimes, it becomes inevitable to sell off the property. Selling inherited homes may be a source of anxiety and stress for people who may neither have experience nor the knowledge to successfully sell a house. To make […]

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