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Are Home Improvements Tax Deductible?

Posted by Jimmy Metz // April 29, 2017 // Real Estate

Home Improvements Tax Deductible

Owning your home can come with many benefits. One of these benefits is deducting the amount of taxes you and your family are required to pay each year. By knowing the difference between a home improvement and home repair, you can learn how to leverage these savings. Home improvements are tax deductible. The easy way […]

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How Probate Works In New Mexico

Posted by Jimmy Metz // April 21, 2017 // Probate

Probate New Mexico

When a person dies, their estate is officially settled with court supervision through the process of probate. If the individual died without a will, someone, normally an adult child or surviving spouse, is appointed as the personal representative. When there is a will, it usually names the personal representative. Another name for the personal representative […]

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The Easy Guide To Selling An Inherited Home

Posted by Jimmy Metz // April 14, 2017 // Probate

Selling Inherited Homes

Inheriting a home gives friends and family members something to remember their relatives who passed away with. However, sometimes, it becomes inevitable to sell off the property. Selling inherited homes may be a source of anxiety and stress for people who may neither have experience nor the knowledge to successfully sell a house. To make […]

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